Breaking Glass launched as a peer mentoring site for women in January of 2015.  In the year since then, more than 13,000 women with work experience from over 80,000 companies have registered and actively engaged on the platform.

Beyond their consumer-facing mentorship network, Glassbreakers is now expanding into the enterprise.  They are set to completely redefine how companies address, support and scale diversity and inclusion.  We believe that Glassbreakers’ enterprise model solves a huge pain point for large businesses by providing the tools to measure impact in hyper-relevant ways.  We see tremendous growth opportunities with Glassbreakers as the first to market enterprise software for diversity and inclusion.

The Glassbreakers platform enables employee resource groups to network within their peer group, offering on-and-offline mentorship and networking opportunities across their organization.  The software allows enterprises to effectively attract and empower diverse workforces, leading to greater innovation, higher retention rates and increased revenue.  According to McKinsey, companies within the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s national median.  What’s more, companies within the top quartile for ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s national median.  Glassbreakers is the only product that helps enterprises manage, track, and ultimately improve diversity in their workplaces.

In addition to the growing market for this much needed solution, we were drawn to the Glassbreakers founding team.  CEO Eileen Carey earned her MBA from Fordham University and has communications management experience with both Citigroup and MarkMonitor.  Lauren Mosenthal, the company's CTO, studied software development and user experience design at the University of Colorado Boulder, and most recently worked at AKQA.  Eileen and Lauren are passionate about the diversity challenges in corporate America and are working hard to level the playing field.

We’re extremely excited about our recent investment in Glassbreakers and are looking forward to helping them accomplish their mission of improving diversity in the workforce.