LiveStories Raises $3M to Continue Their Vision

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to congratulate the LiveStories team on making it to the next step of their journey.  LiveStories is changing the way governments work with data and there have now been multiple reports of their most recent fundraise.  While the fundraise is not the end goal, the additional capital and support of the new investors will be extremely meaningful in helping CEO Adnan Mahmud realize his vision for the company.

We had announced our original investment in the company about 18 months ago.  Since then, the company has grown significantly across every part of the business.  Eric joined as CTO and has been instrumental in building out a significant data ingestion and communication platform.  Samuel recently joined to build out the sales function and is already making his mark known.  Andy, Anders and EA are continuing to do great work.  From my perspective, perhaps one of the biggest testaments to the team has been their dedication to focus this product specifically on the needs of the public sector - dedication which is now starting to bear fruit as more and more government agencies adopt their technologies and more than 45 million constituents are now being served through the platform.

True Ventures is the lead for this most recent investment round.  Aside from True being a great partner, having them join along for the ride is especially great for me as they were (along with Social Leverage), the first investors in my last company, Assistly.  I've known Puneet for a number of years and he will be a terrific asset for the team.

As part of last week's event, Eric showed us a demo of a new product that LiveStories will be rolling out in the near future.  It's too premature to speak about this product, but I will say that I was thoroughly impressed.  The team was also clearly stoked and it was really nice to see the pieces coming together.  There's still a long road ahead, of course, but LiveStories is on the right path and Social Leverage is honored to be a part of the journey.