Powering up healthcare with 1up

Developers, developers, developers. That was the call a crazed Steve Ballmer made back in 2000. Ballmer's enthusiasm centered around his belief that a community of enabled developers would lead to a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. His chant has echoed in our minds for years, and over time, his thesis has proven out.

Since then we've seen companies create compelling platforms by enabling developers. Making it easier for developers to build enables their creativity. It allows them the freedom to concentrate on the core business problem vs the plumbing. It enables the creation of unique applications. Amazon has done this with AWS. Twilio has created an ecosystem by creating a cloud telephony platform. Plaid has enabled unique banking experiences with their banking integration platform. And there are countless other developer centric companies, all enabling endless possibilities.

Healthcare data is all around us. 70% of the US population has health apps and sensors that track location, heart-rate and more. Government MU3 mandates that health system & EHRs make APIs available to patient apps. Value-based incentives are growing and benefit greatly from external data. FHIR is exploding & applications want it. And yet there has been no simple way to access this available data - until now.

1upHealth is creating a centralized platform, aggregating and enabling the exchange of electronic health data between patients, providers and developers. 1up empowers patients, simplifies workflow for providers, and provides a FHIR API platform for developers. 1up helps developers get access to patient data through it’s integrations with hundreds of systems via an API. Without 1up, each developer would need to secure access to every health system on their own, which is both cost and time prohibitive.

The 1up product is built on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). FHIR has taken hold and is now the de facto standard. Because 1up is built on top of FHIR , developers can build medical apps fast. Developers get to stop worrying about HIPAA, HL7 standards and other infrastructure. In practice, 1upHealth saves a year of work for developers.

1up is led by founder and CEO, Ricky Sahu. Ricky is an XGoogler, having worked there from 2009-2012. Ricky is technical and a coder, but is also a business leader. Most importantly, Ricky has deep domain knowledge in healthcare data, with three years as the VP of Engineering at CareJourney.

1upHealth's mission is to extend life. They are doing this by enabling healthcare data to flow between systems and providers. This pathway for connecting the dots, both at an individual level and across massive data sets, will help Ricky and his team achieve their goals. We are excited to join Meridian Street Capital and Eniac Ventures in leading 1upHealth's Seed round. I am personally thrilled to be a part of this hugely ambitious mission.

You can see some more details at the 1up Health site and also read more coverage of their seed round.

And if you're as pumped about this opportunity as I am, 1up is actively hiring for their Boston office. Check out their open roles and apply!