We started Social Leverage over a decade ago, and we were friends for a decade before that. We have been entrepreneurs, investors and influencers in our markets for years which has earned us the trust of thousands of respected and highly influential people in the industry.

We invest in people. We love building teams, products and communities. We write, we share, we organize events and travel relentlessly to help find and connect with the best entrepreneurs in the sectors we love.

The Social Leverage Difference

Community & Trust

We believe that social leverage is the new financial leverage. To build this social leverage we have focused on being consistent and transparent.

We are proud of the trust we have built in our network. 

We host Palooza and Stocktoberfest, unique events that bring together our ecosystem to network and learn.

STRong Relationships

We invest in people every bit as much as we do in markets.  We have a unique reputation for finding top-notch founder talent and we spend a substantial amount of time with prospective founders in both social and professional settings.

We trust our instincts and our network, which we continually invest in to work it's magic over time.

We are very proud of the testimonials from founders and co-investors.

Identify New Trends

With more than 40 years of combined investment management experience, we are known for identifying industry trends ahead of the curve.

markets we focus on

We focus our attention on software companies that leverage mobile and Internet scale as well as capital efficient companies with a product that we can touch and feel, generally before commercial traction. We focus on founders with deep domain experience and teams with a history of working together.



Mobility and connectivity have revolutionized old markets and created new marketplaces that weren't possible before. We envision a world where data mining and machine learning, combined with novel business models, will deliver new forms of fulfillment and convenience to consumers.

Our investments in Wag Walking, Beyond Pricing, and TrueFacet are examples of these trends.


As active participants in the technological transformation occurring in the financial industry, we are uniquely positioned at the forefront of this change, having predicted the disruptive influences before the mainstream.

We’ve invested in many startups in the space including StockTwits, ChartIQ, eToro, Robinhood, BillGuard, ApplePie Capital, and ProducePay.


Enterprise saas

In the enterprise market, technology advances every 5-7 years enable the reimagining of solutions to age-old problems. Unconstrained by legacy, upstarts can see the opportunity and guide their teams to have major impacts on the established players.

Our investments in Assistly, Embedly, Kustomer, and Narvar highlight this thesis.